Plant-animal interactions


List of papers authored by members of GOHNIC (membering authors and scientific journals indexed in the Journal Citation Reports are shown in bold). In order to obtain a PDF of those listed which aren´t accessible, please apply to Felipe Siverio (fsiverio@gohnic.orgfor your free copy.



Popular science                                                                                                   2021-2016                                                                                                                  



Siverio, F., B. Rodríguez & J.J. Hernández (2021). White-tailed Laurel Pigeon Columba junoniae exploiting pollen and nectar of the invasive Century Plant Agave americanaBulletin of the African Bird Club 28: 71-73.


Siverio, F., B. Rodríguez, R. Barone, M. Siverio & A. Rodríguez (2016)Aparentes relaciones mutualistas con una planta exótica e invasora. Aves canarias que se alimentan del néctar y el polen de las piteras. Quercus 370: 14-19. 
















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