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List of papers authored by members of GOHNIC (membering authors and scientific journals indexed in the Journal Citation Reports are shown in bold). In order to obtain a PDF of those listed which aren´t accessible, please apply to Felipe Siverio (fsiverio@gohnic.orgfor your free copy.




Scientific journals                                                                                    2014 - 2003


Barone, R., E. Sacramento & M. Ramos (2014). Cistus ladanifer L. ssp. ladanifer (Cistaceae), nueva adición al catálogo florístico de Tenerife (islas Canarias). Vieraea 42: 327-330.


Rumeu, B., M. Nogales, R.B. Elias, D.P. Padilla, T. Resendes, A. Rodríguez, F. Valdés & E. Dias (2009). Contrasting phenology and female cone characteristics of the two Macaronesian island endemic cedars (Juniperus cedrus and J. brevifolia). European Journal of Forest Research 128: 567-574.


Rodríguez, A., M. Nogales & C. Nieves (2007). Germination responses of the Rubia fruticosa Ait. seed dispersal system in different experimental seasons. African Journal of Ecology 45: 361-364.


Acevedo, A., A. Rodríguez, B. Rodríguez & A. Hernández (2003). Chorology of Euphorbia bourgeauana Gay ex Boiss. in D.C. (Euphorbiaceae) in Teno massif (Tenerife; Canary Island). Vieraea 31: 45-50.


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